How can a church manage their own website?

Churches general have someone tech savvy but that doesn’t always mean there is a web designer or someone who can manage the churches website. Well guess what. There is an easier way.

CMS (Content Management Systems) allow you a place to simply log in with a username or email and a password and allow you to edit the content as easy as working with a Microsoft office document. Does this sound like something that would be useful for your church?

WordPress and Joomla are content management system that can be used. Here are a few things about each to think about when choosing.


  • WP is natively a blogging platform so if you’re looking to blog this is your choice and blogging is a great way to draw in traffic.
  • WP has an easy to use backend for updating pages and editing menus yourself.
  • WP has a great community that can help if you have questions about features and functions.
  • Joomla has a great article organization system which makes it great for a church with mostly just pages.
  • Joomla also has a community behind it for expanding the function of your site and being able to look up questions you may have.
  • Joomla’s backend may be a bit more confusing but once you understand it you can usually be able to get through it.

There is some setup involved when working with CMS’s. Here are a few things you’ll have to get setup before easily editing your own website.

  • Your CMS will need to be installed.
  • A theme that matches the feel and focus of your church should be made.
  • You might need just a little training to be able to edit most effectively.

If you think this is right for your church contact us directly or search either WordPress or Joomla yourself to find out more information.

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