Church Community Building in the 21st Century

Social networking is a huge part of the world these days. All types of communities connect through social networks. Since this is the truth why not have your church build its own community. A social network just for your church that interconnects your members, potential members, and even outsiders looking to join your community.
These social networks have so much to offer your church community.
  • Public Calendars
  • Non Public Calendars
  • Directories of Attenders
  • Attendance
  • Check in for Children’s Programs
  • Messaging Systems
  • and so much more.
The systems also can keep the community looking in informed so they can make their own decisions about joining like the public calendars of events anyone can join in on, directory of people to contact, and ways of asking for prayer.
There are also access controls. Like most Content Management System websites there is the ability to control who sees what and who controls what. So you can have basic users like church goers that can see the events and message other members. There are people who schedule events and control the ministries and maybe even edit the other users information and add users. Then there are administrators that can change anything and update the look and feel and making changes to anything anyone else has created. With this type of access control you can be sure there are no security issues and the information that needs to get out can but the information only for some eyes are kept behind closed doors.
Check out these great church community builder sites:

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