Cycle On Studios

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Cycle On Studios
A fun site for a fun business. This site was clean and integrated with a third party health and fitness studio scheduling and billing system.
Client: Cycle On Studios URL:

Stage Climbing

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Stage Climbing
A basic site to promote and sell a book by Dr. Michael Broder. The site included lead generation features and cart functions.
Client: Dr. Michael Broder URL:

Service Master of Cherry Hill

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Service Master of Cherry Hill
A service industry site with the tools to generate leads.
Client: SM Cherry Hill URL:

Bogeys Club and Cafe

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Bogeys Club and Cafe
A nice display of elegance.
Client: Bogeys Club and Cafe URL:

Glassboro Academy of Performing Arts

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Glassboro Academy of Performing Arts
Small landing site built to highlight not only building features and its impact on the surrounding neighborhood but also to showcase each of the businesses that were within and brief information about them.
Client: Glassboro Academy of Performing Arts URL:

Music FunTime

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Music FunTime
Great rounded out project.
Client: Music FunTime URL:

Studio 24 Scoops and More

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Studio 24 Scoops and More
New type of business to work with that had a challenge of presenting a style of environment, a delicious flavor of ice cream, while showing the various cafe foods available.
Client: Studio 24 Scoops and More URL:

Winterland Ice Skating Rink

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Winterland Ice Skating Rink
This was a great project.
Client: Winterland Ice Skating Rink URL:

Youtube Connect

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Youtube connect is a wordpress plugin designed to bridge the gap between wordpress and youtube. With this plugin a user can create a short code that shows all of your youtube playlists excluding any playlists you want and added a spot lighted video at the top.

The plugin will be available on the wordpress plugin directory and directly from your install new plugins shortly. We are still waiting for wordpress approval.

Big J Media Green Initiative

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Big J Media Green Initiative

Green EarthBig J Media has gone green! I know just a buzz word but Big J Media has set it has a main goal to really make an impact on the planet, local community, and all over.

Our Impact on the Planet begins with our Hosting and includes the recycled materials we use in our office for designing as well as the Paperless Billing System.

Big J Hosting is hosted in the SoftLayer Data Center in Dallas TX. Our hosting at SoftLayer is build with green in mind. SoftLayer has implemented technologies with low voltage and high efficiency to bring their electric consumption way down. Their hosting technologies include Intel and AMD processors combined with SuperMicro high-efficiency servers. These processors user 40 percent less power and produce less heat and the power supplies from SuperMicro have the capabilities to be 85 percent more efficient. Lance Crosby, President and Chief Executive Officer of SoftLayer, says. “SoftLayer is SoftLayerfocused on reducing all the wasted resources of a typical data-center which includes space, power, and air.” Read More about his on their siteSoftLayer.

Eagles Wings MinistryBig J Media is also dedicated to the community. We’ve been working with Eagles Wings Ministry in Albania developing a new web presence. (new live site to be announced soon) Big J Media offers 50% savings to non-profit organizations so we can help them make an impact on the community.

All the design products including our sketch paper and printing materials are all made with recycled materials. We keep interoffice communication to computer messaging to keep paper wasted down. Paperless billing also keeps paper waste down.

Big J Media is dedicated to saving the planet and community and we will continue to do that well into the future.

Creating a Multilingual Site

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Creating a Multi Lingual site might seem like a daunting task but it doesn’t have to be. There are a few options. Lets go over some of the options.

Direct Translation

Direct Translation means you write the content for your language and for all the languages you want to include you have a translator translate your original content. This is the most accurate option and the best option if your content must be right.

Web Translation

With Web Translation you write your content and then use a online translation service to translate that content into the other languages. This can be a little less accurate for the other languages but is still an option for displaying your content for these other languages.

Translation Buttons

You can also add translation buttons which the user decides the language they need and a web service translates all the text elements into their language which is just as accurate (or inaccurate) as the web translation and a little less convient for your user.

Local Domains

Local domains are useful for the first two translation options since you can post your information for those local languages to the local domain. This can be accomplished by allowing the user to pick a language or flag that links to that site. You can also have this automated based on the users location determined by IP information when the user lands on the site.

There is one important thing to consider when working with multilingual sites.

Culture Sensativity

Different cultures view different information and different colors differently. You may like the color red and in America that maybe a nice color for your site. But in another country you may be putting off a vibe that is far from cool or nice looking.

So put all these things into consideration when you decide to turn your site into a multi lingual one.

How can a church manage their own website?

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Churches general have someone tech savvy but that doesn’t always mean there is a web designer or someone who can manage the churches website. Well guess what. There is an easier way.

CMS (Content Management Systems) allow you a place to simply log in with a username or email and a password and allow you to edit the content as easy as working with a Microsoft office document. Does this sound like something that would be useful for your church?

WordPress and Joomla are content management system that can be used. Here are a few things about each to think about when choosing.


  • WP is natively a blogging platform so if you’re looking to blog this is your choice and blogging is a great way to draw in traffic.
  • WP has an easy to use backend for updating pages and editing menus yourself.
  • WP has a great community that can help if you have questions about features and functions.
  • Joomla has a great article organization system which makes it great for a church with mostly just pages.
  • Joomla also has a community behind it for expanding the function of your site and being able to look up questions you may have.
  • Joomla’s backend may be a bit more confusing but once you understand it you can usually be able to get through it.

There is some setup involved when working with CMS’s. Here are a few things you’ll have to get setup before easily editing your own website.

  • Your CMS will need to be installed.
  • A theme that matches the feel and focus of your church should be made.
  • You might need just a little training to be able to edit most effectively.

If you think this is right for your church contact us directly or search either WordPress or Joomla yourself to find out more information.

What is IPv6? What does it mean for me?

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First off IPv6 stands for Internet Protocol version 6. Why is there so much talk about this and why am I bringing it up? Well because the world currently runs on IPv4 (well not necessarily since we’re piping over to IPv6). IPv4 is 32bit like but we’ve run out of addresses! Its official that we’ve run out of IPv4 addresses. So we’re making the new standard IPv6 which runs at 128bit addresses like 2001:db8:85a3:8d3:1319:8a2e:370:7348 we’re not going to run out of these. Well at least for now.

So the big deal isn’t that we’re moving to IPv6 but that it isn’t just going to be like changing your address at the post office. Its going to mean changes to hardware and networks all over. But there is no fear for Big J Hosting has all the latest IPv6 hardware for your hosting. You don’t have to worry about your hosting with us falling behind.

Check out this video for more information on IPv6

Church Community Building in the 21st Century

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Social networking is a huge part of the world these days. All types of communities connect through social networks. Since this is the truth why not have your church build its own community. A social network just for your church that interconnects your members, potential members, and even outsiders looking to join your community.
These social networks have so much to offer your church community.
  • Public Calendars
  • Non Public Calendars
  • Directories of Attenders
  • Attendance
  • Check in for Children’s Programs
  • Messaging Systems
  • and so much more.
The systems also can keep the community looking in informed so they can make their own decisions about joining like the public calendars of events anyone can join in on, directory of people to contact, and ways of asking for prayer.
There are also access controls. Like most Content Management System websites there is the ability to control who sees what and who controls what. So you can have basic users like church goers that can see the events and message other members. There are people who schedule events and control the ministries and maybe even edit the other users information and add users. Then there are administrators that can change anything and update the look and feel and making changes to anything anyone else has created. With this type of access control you can be sure there are no security issues and the information that needs to get out can but the information only for some eyes are kept behind closed doors.
Check out these great church community builder sites:

Facebook Timeline Coming

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Are you ready for facebook timeline?

Here are some tips on not getting embarrassed by the new facebook timeline that will start automatically publishing your events. Check the boxes you allow to facebook carefully. Heres the link.

Also check out face books information on timeline here.

Non-Profit Web Design Work Discount

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Non-Profit Web Design Work Discount

Big J Media has teamed up with Eagles Wings Ministry in Albania to develop a site specific to their needs. Big J Media is committed to making a difference in Albania and in the world. The site is in development now and we’ll announce when its live soon.Community Responsibility

In light of our commitment to the community and non-profits who help make a difference all over we’re offering 50% discounts to non-profits in our local community including: Gloucester County, Camden county, Tri-County area, Delaware Vally area, Tri-State area. If your interested please head over to the contact page and send us a message telling us a little about your company and where your based and if you qualify we’ll contact you to get started on any over your web design, development, and administrative needs. We will also accept messages from non-profits that make a difference over seas.

So contact us about your non-profit and about your needs and we’ll get in touch to connect you with 50% savings on all your web needs