Big J Green Initiative

Big J Media has gone green! I know just a buzz word but Big J Media has set it has a main goal to really make an impact on the planet, local community, and all over.

Our Impact on the Planet begins with our Hosting and includes the recycled materials we use in our office for designing as well as the Paperless Billing System.

Big J Hosting is hosted in the SoftLayer Data Center in Dallas TX. Our hosting at SoftLayer is build with green in mind. SoftLayer has implemented technologies with low voltage and high efficiency to bring their electric consumption way down. Their hosting technologies include Intel and AMD processors combined with SuperMicro high-efficiency servers. These processors user 40 percent less power and produce less heat and the power supplies from SuperMicro have the capabilities to be 85 percent more efficient. Lance Crosby, President and Chief Executive Officer of SoftLayer, says. “SoftLayer is focused on reducing all the wasted resources of a typical data-center which includes space, power, and air.” Read More about his on their site SoftLayer.

Big J Media is also dedicated to the community. We’ve been working with Eagles Wings Ministry in Albania developing a new web presence. (new live site to be announced soon) Big J Media offers 50% savings to non-profit organizations so we can help them make an impact on the community.

All the design products including our sketch paper and printing materials are all made with recycled materials. We keep interoffice communication to computer messaging to keep paper wasted down. Paperless billing also keeps paper waste down.

Big J Media is dedicated to saving the planet and community and we will continue to do that well into the future.